If you told me 4 years ago that I would be studying in Ateneo, I would not have believed you. My whole family studied in De La Salle University, and most of my parent’s friends are from there too so I thought I would be going there as well. When studying for college entrance tests, I still beleived that I wanted to go to La Salle. But then, once all the results came out and I saw that I passed both Ateneo and La Salle, I had a small moment of questioning what if I don’t “want” to go to La Salle but instead feel obliged to because of my families history there. Then, I began to weigh the pros and cons of each school trying to figure out which school could I see myself excelling in. In the end, I felt that Ateneo was the best choice for me because I like the course I chose more, and the environment as well. I felt like the course could really help me achieve my goal, which is to put up my own business and hopefully be successful in it.

Taken during our yearbook photoshoot during senior year

During high school, I would say my study habits were good. I always finished my assignments a few days before the due dates. I had extra curricular activities I needed to balance with my studies, and I was able to do so. I study for tests constantly and memorise anything I needed to memorise. But because of our situation of having online classes and not being able to meet face-to-face, I tend to become more sluggish and lazy to complete tasks as the environment is not the same as when in school. I had to adjust to this by pushing myself to study and make it a habit, as well as turn a part of my bedroom into a study area.

Taken during my senior year at our high school’s fair committee

I would say I’m a little artistic and intrigued by the digital word and social media. That’s why I felt that this course was a mix of both my interests and the business world. This can help me develop further because technology has become a bigger part of people’s lives, so it would be great if I can make something from technology into a part of my business. This can help me get closer to my goal of starting my own company in the future.

I know I have many goals that I want to achieve, but I also take into account that it’s a long process which does not happen overnight. I want to be able to go on my own pace and gain fruitful lessons and experiences. As I start my first year in college, I know that I need to become more diligent, hard working and passionate about my aspirations in life because I know there will be many challenges I have to face considering the new environment and methods of taking class. I also know that I need to rest and try not to burn myself out to create constructive and rewarding outputs.